City Of Eyes

by Dryad's Tree

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23 minutes of progressive melodic death metal

Line up:

Reinhard Klein - Guitars, Vocals
Leopold Meuer - Guitars
Fabian Ziegler - Bass, Vocals
Jasper Werhahn - Keys, Samples, Vocals
Andreas Papelitzky - Drums


released August 7, 2009

City Of Eyes EP was recorded by DRYAD'S TREE at atroruM and JacketsOnTheWall Studios in November 2008 - February 2009.
Drum-Editing by Stefan Traunmüller at Soundtempel in January 2009.

Mixed and Mastered by Jasper Werhahn, Reinhard Klein and DRYAD'S TREE at atroruM Studios
in January/February 2009.

Produced by DRYAD'S TREE.

All music & arrangements by DRYAD'S TREE.

Artwork and layout by Stephan Janssen and Leopold Meuer.
Band photography by Michael Gebhardt (



all rights reserved


Dryad's Tree Munich, Germany

DRYAD'S TREE formed in Munich, Germany.

Stirringly thrilling, dynamic music that takes the listener onto a journey deep inside his inner consciousness.

The music got heavier and even more melodic. The lyrical concept is about current topics like surveillance in the society and personal isolation in the digital age.

Also check out Ryan Hard's solo work.
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Track Name: City Of Eyes
Red lights shimmering on the streets in the city
An observation in the dark

You cannot push me where you want
You cannot file a claim
Creating fear one thousand times
With your million eyes

Intimidation with preposterous demands
My eyes are veiled
I'm in fear

Anguish creates coltrol


A sneaking suspicion
And the lights turn on again
There must be another one

The eyes are watching!

Now I know control is coming
Now I know all problems go

Now I know the eyes are watching
Now I feel more comfortable

Now I know control is curing
Cause now I have a biometric soul
Track Name: The Swarm
Intelligent creation
Man-made hive
Manifest destruction
Line by line

Swarm with pieces
Programmed distribution
Pervasive infection
No control

System overload..

Detect the swarm

Control the swarm

Avoid the swarm

Destroy the swarm

Artificial colony
Sudden invasion
Exceeding eruption
Track Name: Fading Sorrow
I sit down in front of the hollow screen
Well prepared for this procedure
Long time I've waited for this in my dream
Now I begin my coadventure

I connect myself to the machine
Begin to feel the data stream transmitting
Bits and bytes transformed to a soft impulse
Building up an image - my new living

Oh does that look great!
Let me see what I can do now!

You can create
You can change fate
You can be your God

Fading sorrow
Your own world
The price is paid

As I enter this brand-new site
I begin to install my controlling tower
Streets and houses are planted without effort
Company founding - one man-hour

More and more customer satisfaction achieved
This city will be build exactly in a day
Then I will reach my desired goal
And outplay the best in history

The price is paid!
the service must be performed!

The price is paid, the service performed
This place is mine, I can do what I want

Infinte possibilities
Illusions raised

- Your world, your imagination -
Track Name: Ashes Of Remembrance
You burn us to ashes
Within politics of consumption
Ultimate increase of population
Ultimate decrease of existence

Doomed on planet earth
We are lost within
Our egomaniac beliefs in our sanity
All what will remain are our ashes
The ashes of remembrance

Ashes of remembrance
Who will remember
We are the cancer of ourselves
Ashes of remembrance
Who will remember
The parasite that killed the host

Our minds blinded by profit maximation
Hunger for power - the only fuel
Feed the cancer with the hate that we share